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Maximum Pools, Inc., Pool Plastering located in Irvine, Orange County, CA - Pool Plastering and Pool Resurfacing, Pool Decks, Pool Tiles, Coping, Equipment, Renovation and Remodeling.

Professional Cerified Pool Plastering Installation of 3M Colorquartz, Beadcrete (Glass Beads) Hydrazzo, Hydrazzo Classico, Diamond Brite, Pebble, River Rok, Durazzo, Ultra Pearl Brite White.

Let Maximum Pools, Inc., Pool Plastering Professionally Install Your Pool Plaster or Resurface Your Pool or Spa or Remodel Your Pool or Spa.

Maximum Pools, Inc., Pool Plastering is one of the leading companies in pool plastering, spa plastering, pool resurfacing in Orange County and Surrounding Cities.

Call Us For Free Consultation for Pool Plastering, Pool Resurfacing,
and Pool Remodeling.

Our Construction Specialties All Done In House no Subs

Our Services Include:

  • Swimming Pool Plastering and Pool Resurfacing:
    Maximum Pools, Inc., Pool Plastering only uses finest quality pool plastering and aggregate finishes for your pool or spa.
    3m Colorquartz, Beadcrete, Pebble, Hydrazzo, Hydrazzo Classico, Ultra Pearl Brite, Diamond Brite,  Durazzo, River Rok and many more of the highest quality Swimming Pool Plaster Materials.
  • Links: 3M Colorquartz, SGM Pool Plaster
  • Pool Tiles:
    From the finest collection of Fujiwa, Fujiwa Tile offers the highest quality in swimming pool & spa/outdoor-use tiles, and specializes in creation of the most unique designs in the pool industry. Fujiwa Tile, a leading supplier of the world's finest pool tiles from basic to exquisite designs, is supported by over 44 years of advanced technological capabilities and continuous hands on product development improvement. We can offer a myriad of possibilities in contemporary or traditional tile designs to the outdoor market and the pool & spa industry. National Pool Tile and MasterTile  Come and choose your pool tiles at our showroom no need to drive to 3 different pool tile suppliers.
  • Swimming Pool Renovation/Remodeling
  • Custom Swimming Pool Decks:
    Concrete, Pavers, Granite, Concrete Stamping, Stone and Rocks
  • Swimming Pool Coping:
    Pre-Cast, Pour in Place, Brick, Stone, Granite and Slate
  • Rockscapes
  • Interlocking Pavers Pool Decks
  • Remote Systems
  • Pool Equipment Installation:
    We only install the best equipment from leading manufacturers like:
  • Salt Water Systems
  • Handrail
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

Our other expert services include Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection, Crack Repair, and Structural Damage.

Don't just hire a plumber.  Hire a contractor that is specialized in Swimming Pool and Spas and are licensed to do the repair on your leak.

  • Locations that we service are all of Orange County, CA
  • Updated State of the Art Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection Equipment to Perform all Leak Detection Testing. We are the experts in Swimming Pool and Spa Leaks.
  • Underwater Leak Detection
  • Epoxy Injections (We just don't cover the leak, we have high technology equipment for the Epoxy Injections, which goes into the crack that is stronger than the acutely gunite it self.
  • Crack Repairs
  • Skimmer Replacement
  • Structural Damage
  • Staple Reinforcements (Torque Lock)

Full Liability Insurance, Bonded,  Licensed
We do carry Workers Compensation on all of our employees
Copies of policies upon request

Check all licensed contractors on http://www.cslb.ca.gov/consumers/default.asp and http://www.cslb.ca.gov/ .

Also be aware of owner built contractors.  http://www.cslb.ca.gov/consumers/owner-builder1.asp also http://www.cslb.ca.gov/news/news20070102.asp

New law that protects the consumer:  http://www.cslb.ca.gov/news/news20070102.asp

Maximum Pools, Inc. Contractors License #814412 (C53/Swimming Pools)
Workers Compensation: 
State Compensation Insurance Fund Policy Number: 713-0014980

Call Maximum Pools, Inc., Pool Plastering the Licensed Professionals at (949) 859-7130
10 McLaren, Suite D, Irvine, CA 92618



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